The Mission

MG&A Strategy Consulting was founded to make essential corporate and business strategy available to small and mid-size businesses.

We believe that with the right strategy in place, decision-makers can steer their businesses toward scalable growth, exceed their revenue goals, and bring more balance to the world of work.

The Origin

After over a decade of work as an executive in the financial industry, Guillem Garcia saw time and time again how strategy (or a lack thereof) could impact a business’s trajectory. He witnessed founders and executives struggle because critical business, financial, and operations support was simply out of reach.

So Guillem formed MG&A to enhance access to the consulting services that small and mid-sized businesses need to thrive. His multifaceted approach addresses each pillar of business but is flexible enough to provide a custom experience for each client. In moving beyond the traditional consulting model, MG&A offers an agile, accessible suite of services built for today’s business landscape.

Guillem, who also goes by Bill as this is the English translation of his Catalan name, hails from Barcelona but has called New York home for almost 10 years. He named MG&A after the most important partnership in his life, his marriage to his wife and high school sweetheart, Maria. When he’s not working with clients, you can find Guillem spending time with his family, attempting to master the game of golf or tinkering around the house.

A founder's note

From the earliest days of my career in business, I saw the problem.

The tried and true methodologies that make for good business strategy and scalable growth were fundamentally inaccessible to anyone who couldn’t afford the exorbitant costs of a traditional consulting firm. Small to mid-sized businesses built on brilliant ideas floundered and failed because of this gatekeeping.

So, inspired by a mentor who once said “I’m a today and tomorrow person; yesterday is gone and we can learn from it, but nothing else,”
I set my sights on re-imagining the consulting model to reflect the evolving needs of today's executives.

I'm pleased to say that MG&A is the culmination of that vision, a future-focused initiative that supports business leaders throughout the world. To learn more about the ways we can support you and your leadership team, please reach out!

Guillem "Bill" Garcia

MG&A Founder