Our Services & Pricing

If you’ve never worked with a business consultant, you may be wondering what types of support they offer and what you can expect from them. You may wonder how a consultant might compare to an in-house strategist and what types of problems they can realistically solve. While each consultant will have their unique approach, here’s what it's like to work with us at MG&A:

We help you do your job better.

This means thinking through your ideas, problem-solving, and finding strategies that address your specific goals. This could include finding ways to grow your business or team, refining existing strategies, planning initiatives, and managing execution.

We’re Listeners.

We seek to constantly learn about your business and your operations so that we can be a key companion that feels like a member of your team (instead of feeling like an outsider).

We’re Flexible.

Our services are based on data-backed methodologies but our processes are flexible enough to evolve with your needs as you grow. We maintain a future-focus in addition to addressing present concerns.

We tackle every pillar
of business.

Our services represent the full continuum of business, operational, and financial consulting. But our services also extend to manager and leadership support. We can connect your teams with the training and guidance they need to grow in their roles and contribute to a culture of innovation.

We leverage your data so
you can make better decisions.

Together we'll review your business data to help you create a strategic plan to achieve your goals. Because when it comes to improving outcomes and minimizing risk, your data is your very best guide.

Ongoing strategy support to make your vision a reality.

Increase your bandwidth by letting us be an extension of your brain in supervising execution across your company.

Limited to 4 clients at a time

Included in your Ongoing Strategy support:

1x 1hr weekly meeting with CEO
1x 1hr monthly meeting with the Leadership Team
Up to 5hrs per month of 1-on-1 work with CEO or Leadership Team
Supervision of up to 3 strategic projects
Unlimited email/Slack consultations for the Leadership Team
Investment of $10k/month

Not what you're looking for?

Please pick a time for us to talk on the contact us section and we can work together to frame an ad-hoc, “closed-package” project for you. Some examples of work we do in this format include:
• Strategy development/formation, planning
• Business plan development
• Investment / Business case development
• Process automation assessment
• Market entry study