The Method

aka "Done with you"
not "Done for you"

At MG&A, we're committed to honoring the wisdom of the people who have built their businesses. So while we will be there to help you make the best decisions, we will never tell you what to do.

Instead, we'll act as a resource and guide presenting possible strategies and solutions that we can explore as a team. Because our greatest achievements happen when we lean in, listen, and allow you, the client, to guide the process.

Think of us as an expert advisory board that will help you make data-based decisions and prepare you and your organization for change. Like an internal teammate with an outside perspective, we’ll help supervise strategic initiatives, streamline your systems, and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Case Studies

Life Insurance Firm

When a life insurance firm reached out to MG&A, they knew that to evolve beyond the limitations of their current model, they needed to solidify a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. So to begin, MG&A partnered with their management team to gather and analyze their market data and create a foundational fact base.

Once up to speed on existing strengths and opportunities, MG&A facilitated collaborative planning sessions to define objectives for short, mid, and long-term goals. From there, the team identified the key action items and accountability measures that would enhance efficiency and outcomes for each initiative.

The result? Armed with a strategic roadmap, the leadership team was united behind a clear and common goal. This clarity and focus allowed them to successfully tackle each step in the strategic plan (from staffing to execution), yielding an impressive 10% top-line growth for the business in just three years.

US Pharmacy Retailer

When a major U.S. pharmacy retailer needed to enhance their customer service efforts, they wanted to tackle the challenge efficiently. But with so many tech options available, they weren’t sure where to begin in terms of money, time, and overall business impact.

So they engaged MG&A to help them research current market trends and success stories and facilitate conversations with vendors to create a landscape of possibilities. MG&A collaborated with leadership to evaluate and prioritize each option based on the investment and potential impact.

These insights gave the leadership team a clear understanding of what was possible given the estimated costs and timelines required for each approach. In providing a data-backed “decision-making package” MG&A empowered the leadership team with the insights required to make sound customer service technology investments for the next three years.

Executive Online Presence Management Company

When a company’s footprint expands rapidly, it often gets harder and harder for leadership to keep up with the increasing demands of day-to-day operations. This client, an executive online presence management firm, is one of those growing organizations and when their CEO saw that their leadership team was at risk of burnout, they called on MG&A.

The challenge was that they needed to scale their teams while maintaining aggressive targets—all without losing their company culture and identity along the way. So MG&A’s first step was to connect with leaders to understand the most pressing short-term concerns and how they relate to the broader company goals. Together, they reviewed company data with internal teams, accountants, and other external partners to determine what resources were necessary to keep their leadership afloat while building capacity for the growth ahead.

This collaborative, data-backed decision-making process helped this company scale with intention so that leadership could step out of day-to-day distractions and focus on critical tasks. Since then, and thanks to an ongoing partnership with MG&A, this organization is profitable, has exceeded its growth goals, and all team members are working hard without burning out.
“Bill is instrumental to many of our strategic decisions.”
Nico G, Head of International
“Bill plugged right into our team of founders.”
Justin L, Founder
“Bill helped us make better decisions and contributed to our impressive growth success story.”
Ray C, CEO
“Bill was a pleasure to work with and exceeded our expectations.”
Justin L, Founder